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Q: "Explain what you do."
A: I evaluate your energy and the spiritual and nontangible character aspects of who you are. I deal with the out-of-body aspects of reality, the nonmanifested aspects of who you are. I try to get in touch with that nontangible reality and to figure out how we can rearrange the physical and the metaphysical so that they integrate with each other. Or, I try to give you the energetic and spiritual tools that may give you the capacity to start to find these aspects for yourself that you may not have access to in your own life.

Q: "What kinds of issues and concerns have clients brought to you?"
A: Any issue can be explored in a spiritual or energetic context. Mostly, I have dealt with relationships, unresolved issues and voids of understanding in one's life, unresolved relationship issues with persons who are alive or deceased, depression, physical maladies, fears, direction in life, healing healers to restore their healing talents, identifying negative energies which zap a person's life force. Note that metaphysical insights about physical maladies complements medical treatment but is not intended as a treatment nor cure that a medical professional would offer.

Q: "How do energy and spiritual healing differ from conventional therapies and what are the advantages of using these modalities?
A: When a person reframes his/her question, s/he perceives the issues differently and, thus, gets a different answer. Understanding issues from an energetic and spiritual perspective offers access to a different set of options for healing and transformation. Conventional therapy and Western medicine do not address the nontangible, energetic and spiritual elements, so they are limited in the insights and options that they can offer. Energetic and spiritual blockages go undetected and unresolved by conventional modalities, and, so, the problems are perpetuated because the issues keep getting addressed in the same way. In a session, we explore reframing the issues into a spiritual and energetic context and removing spiritual and energetic blocks to wellness. We also explore the direct connection that one's spiritual issues and mind have with healing emotional and physical ailments. Hence, one opens up possibilities for a deeper dimension of understanding the issues and their healing as well as developing a stronger relationship with the Creator. Clients are often given self-healing tools and suggestions to employ at home. This modality may complement and be used in combination with other modalities.

Q: "What are some of the potential benefits of energetic and spiritual healing?"
A: -attunement to one's inner voice and the Creator
-a deeper understanding of oneself and his/her relationships
-insights about one's life and purpose
-increased ease, happiness, clarity and joie de vivre
-alleviation of physical and emotional pain
-ability to overcome difficulties, resolve unresolved relationships
-handle challenges with increased confidence and from a place of understanding

Q: "How beneficial are telephone sessions or long-distance healing sessions when you are not present with the client?"
A: Optimally, client and healer should meet in person to establish a more personal connection. However, that is not always possible, especially due to distance or logistics factors that prevent in-person sessions. Telephone and long-distance sessions are very effective when circumstances preclude an in-person session. Making an energetic connection with a client is analogous to making a telephone call but with energy rather than a physical wire.

Q: "How do I find out more information about what you do?"
A: You can read articles that I have written and listen to archives of a radio program I spoke on about energy and spiritual healing. For more information, please see the In The News page. Testimonial lettters also appear on this website.

Q: "How do I schedule an appointment?"
A: Call 347-410-7581 or write to info@healingnotes.com. Appointment times are flexible, Sunday-Thursday and some hours on Fridays.
Kindly give 24 hours notice or be financially responsible if you are unable to keep or reschedule your appointment.

Q: "How much does a session cost? How do I pay? Do you take insurance?
A: Please call for current rates for the service(s) you need. For in-person sessions, we accept cash, money orders, and checks. We may be able to arrange for PayPal. For long-distance or telephone sessions, we prefer a deposit of $100. Any unused portion will be credited toward future services or refunded promptly. We do not take insurance; however, you may contact your carrier and inquire if reimbursement is possible from a social worker (LMSW) or Licensed Creative Arts Therapist/Music Therapist. 

Q: "What if I have questions after a session?"

A: The cost of a session includes brief follow-up consultations for continued care and support. A client receives a list of suggestions to continue the healing process at home. Additional sessions may be scheduled if needed. 


Photo by Shoshana Averbach
Photo by Shoshana Averbach